Why We Left the Boy Scouts of America

boy scouts of america

We started BSA Troop 759 to provide youth in the Olde Towne East Community with an opportunity to learn to make ethical and moral decisions throughout their lives using the Scout Oath and Law.  Our goal was to get kids out of the city, into nature and experience the fun of adventuring across the state.

From the very beginning, we were undermined by our own local council.  The goal of the PROGRAM is to teach ethical and moral decision making.  The goal of the BSA, is to create new units, add new members, to illustrate “growth”.  This drive for growth created 5 different situations where we felt the best path forward was exiting the Boy Scouts of America as an organization.

  1. Sex Abuse Scandal – for over 75 years the Boy Scouts of America organization concealed the identities of men who sexually assaulted youth in the program.  The BSA LIED to the members about the abuse.
  2. Bankruptcy – in 2008, the BSA lost an $18MM lawsuit from ONE Scout who was abused.  In 2020, they filed for bankruptcy over a “known” 2500 cases.  The court proceedings revealed 96000 claimants.  The fees for members have increase over 600% in the last two years – the BSA wants CHILDREN to pay for the abuse scandal – nearly $500MM across the organization.
  3. Toxic Council Leadership – the Simon Kenton Council in particular has a culture of toxic leadership.  They are verbally abusive and denigrating, they are focused on the number of kids not the quality of the program, they lie to us constantly about the council and state of affairs, and have the trust of very few leaders across the unit members.
  4. Misaligned Goals – the mission of the BSA is ethical and moral decision making, but the goal became Eagle Scout.  Such to the point, that kids making ethical and moral decisions would not earn the rank, but kids who checked the boxes did.  The BSA does not require Scouts to really learn anything at all – once tested, you may never ask it again.  
  5. Scout Reach Debacle – in a quest to increase numbers, the Simon Kenton Council installed a program in Columbus City Schools that was Cub Scouts literally in a classroom.  No books. No uniforms.  No outings. No smores.  Just reciting Oath and Laws.  The program was an utter failure and the Council discontinued it and dumped the kids without even a “good luck”.  The council response, was “they have to pay to play.”

The BSA strenuously defends itself and lays the blame for the abuse at the feet of older leaders and a “different era”. 

That is the very definition of poor leadership – failure to take accountability.

None of that helps the 96,000 children who were sexually assaulted and discarded by the Boy Scouts of America.  The Youth Protection Training they tout is not about protecting youth, but protecting the organization from liability.  We came to the conclusion that Boy Scouts of America as an organization is culturally unable to make ethical and moral decisions.  They are driven by money, abject loyalty to them and a false pride that they are the bulwark of youth development in America.  We could not ask our Scouts, to do mulch sale, and fundraise to pay for the BSA’s sins.  And so we opted to leave.

It's time to Move On from The Boy Scouts of america

Youth Corps USA

OTE Scouting LLC is a not-for-profit organization that is rebuilding our program for youth.

Our kids need us now more than ever before.  An epidemic of violence.  An epidemic of apathy.  And a real need for positive direction, positive activities and tools to help our kids become strong young men. 

Youth Corps was the name the Scouts selected.  We have Cadets who will learn using a system we call Strength & Honor.

Boys will be educated in taking care of themselves, their families and communities through service and compassion.  They will learn skills that will last a life time with emphasis on leadership, communications and behaviors.

You can find us at youthcorps.us.

We hope you will continue to support us on our journey.

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