Every Journey Comes to an End...

In 2022, BSA Troop 759 ended our relationship with the Boy Scouts of America.

In 2019, the Boy Scouts of America revealed that more than 2500 children had been sexually assaulted in the program over the last 75 years.  The BSA had concealed the records of the abusers, some were pastors, some were police officers, firemen, doctors and even military personnel.

The BSA, for 75 years, deliberately lied about abuse in the program.

In 2010, the BSA lost a lawsuit that cost over $18MM for a single Scout.  And they still concealed the records.  In 2020, the Boy Scouts of America advised us they would be filing bankruptcy facing more than 200 lawsuits from children assaulted in the program.

In 2021, the bankruptcy proceedings revealed 96,000 claimants of abuse stemming from the Boy Scouts of America.  In 2021, with the ranks of the BSA dwindling below 500,000 members from a peak of more than 6MM, the organization raised fees 600% with the intent of having members pay the abuse scandal settlement that boomed to more than $2.7 BILLION.

2022 was to be our last year and the BSA opted not to renew our charter 5 months into the year.  It took a threat of legal action to have them return the fees they took from the youth.

The Boy Scouts of America as an organization is likely coming to an end.  It will run out of funds from lawsuits not included in the bankruptcy and the organization will fail. 

The content, the programming, will live on.  

And so will we.

We are dedicated to serving youth in our community to help them make ethical and moral decisions that the BSA is no longer capable of doing.

Our time in Scouting is over.

You can find us at Youth Corp US where we will combine content from the BSA and original content to build deeper skills in communications, service, leadership and business using the outdoors as our classroom.

We thank you for embracing the Troop and the youth.  

We will see you around the neighborhood!

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