Digital Technology Merit Badge counseling

Course Date: September 11, 2021 4:00 pm

Course Type: Virtual

Course Counselor: Christopher Daly






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Eagle Required

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Digital technology is driving rapid innovation around the world.  Mobile technology has allowed people who do not have wired infrastructure to access the internet and create jobs.  Better communications, better information, faster economies and better decision making.

In the Digital Technology Merit Badge, we will explore the basic concepts of digital technology inculding how information is digitized, stored and transferred, how digital information can improve our quality of life and how you might find a career in digital technology.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is an entry level course in digital technology.  It is meant to give Scouts an overview of the history of digital technology and a glimpse into the future of digital technology and how you might use it throughout your life.

Learning Path

Learn about the build up to digital technology, the foundation of the Internet and the difference between the internet and the world wide web.  Learn about type of data and formats of content and information on the web.

Learn about the software that powers the web and the software that builds apps. Understand the difference between software and apps and how apps are used to make life easier and manage tasks better.

Learn about the emergence of digital devices from the beginning of computing to microchips, mobile devices, and different ways that devices connect to the internet and to each other.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of digital tools that people all across the globe use on a daily basis.  Learn how to use common digital tools like a word processor. a spreadsheet, a web blog, or even an ecomerce store.

Digital technology has literally copied nearly 100% of the information created throughout human history.  But who owns the content?  What is intellectual property?  What is privacy and what rights do you have to use software and how those rights are given.

There are users of technology and there are builders of technology and there are people who do both.  Digital technology jobs range from software and application development to digital analytics and database management to artificial intelligence and advanced computing.  Let’s learn about some of the bigger careers in digital technology today.

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