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A Scout is Kind

There is not enough Kindness in the world. Too many people fear being taken advantage of. There is no such thing. Kindness builds your character, how it is returned and how you accept it builds your character as well.

A Scouts is Kind.  Kindness is a health habit that more people need to remember.  We are short on Kindness in America and it gets worse and worse every day.  Kind is not “optional” it is the prevalent attitude and behaviors expected of Scouts.

A kind person is generally considered to have a good or benevolent disposition.  That means a kind person thrives on the other Scout Laws of courteous, helpful and friendly.  All of these behaviors give youth a good disposition.  Benevolence is when a person provides a charitable service without an interest in personal profit.  Except when you are Kind, you profit more than the person receiving your kindness.  While the recipient of your behavior will express gratitude, you yourself will cement your reputation as a kind individual.  It’s one of the character traits that allows you to make excellent decisions.

I know a young man who spent many years in Scouting.  I always admired his kindness that he often expressed with generosity.  On two different occasions, this Scout gave his money he earned from fundraising to another Scout so that youth could participate.  He asked nothing in return.  Others declined helping the youth, but the Scout was Kind and used the rationale of “how will the other youth learn to be kind if he cannot participate in our unit?”

There is an adage in business that you should guard your time, it is highly valuable.  Our belief is you should be generous with your time, it is the one thing that is uniquely yours and you are free to use it how you see fit.  There will be times when people receive your Kindness and express no gratitude.  But the Growth Mindset that we build among Scouts is that you invested in the relationship, you were Giving and Passionate and those attitudes will guide you well regardless of how they are received.

Be Kind.

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