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A Scout is Loyal

A Scout is Loyal to himself, his Oath and Laws. A Scout is Loyal to his Family, Community and Country. Loyalty is earned. Loyalty is given. Loyalty builds Character.

Loyalty is a funny thing. Some people demand Loyalty which refers to your undying devotion to them no matter what.  But Scouts are Mentally Awake, and commanding loyalty to something or someone who is neither moral or ethical is not in our Character.

Loyalty is earned and given.  

As children, our loyalty to our family is undeniable and unbreakable.  Our family is everything to us and defines who we are.  While we have friends we care for, our family will always come first – they are our rock and our foundation.  In this nature, loyalty is given.

As adults and adolescents, we make friends, colleagues, and acquaintances throughout our life who earn our loyalty over time.  That loyalty builds as Trust between people grows, as friendship and camaraderie grows and as our affection for our friends becomes an important part in our lives.  Here, loyalty is earned.

But there is one other place where loyalty grows and thrives and that is loyalty to ourselves.  An Oath is a promise to do something, to be something.  We owe it to ourselves to honor our word, to do what we say we will do and to maintain loyalty to our principles and oath.  This type of loyalty is an ethical loyalty that can guide us through our lives to make decisions in difficult situations.  This type of loyalty is Character.

Loyalty is an interesting thing.  Are you loyal to your ideals?  Are you loyal to your beliefs?  Are you loyal to your morals?  Strong Character will last you a lifetime and make you a person of strong renown.  And it all starts with Loyalty to yourself.

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