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A Scout is Reverent

A Scout is Reverent. Our Adventures take us to places of exceptional beauty, meaning and history. The awe inspiring nature is the essence of being Reverent in the solemness of those moments.

A Scout is Reverent.  The 12th Behavior of the Scout Law.  Often reverence is a question of our faith and our connection with God.  Here’s what the dictionary says:

  1. feeling or showing deep and solemn respect.

Deep and solemn respect.  Scouting often takes youth into nature and we see things that they often walk by and at times to do not fully understand.  And at other times, they stand in awe of the beauty and magnificence of nature.

Our unit travels frequently to State parks around the State of Ohio.  We have served by placing flags on the graves of veterans and we have stood among natural wonders that we can immerse ourselves in.  We have plied the waters of serene lakes and watched the sun set on the horizon shooting beams of light into our campsite and clear, dark skies delivering the radiant brilliance of the moon to the point flashlight were not needed.

In the Boy Scouts of America, youth have opportunities to challenge themselves at high adventure camps including Northern Tier, Sea Base, The Summit and the original adventure camp, Philmont Ranch.  The beauty and magnitude of Philmont often has Scouts feeling a sense of awe for where they are standing.  One of the Caplians at Philmont is Father Roger Lopez.. here’s what he had to say about reverence…

A Scout should stop and recognize the awesomeness of what they are seeing, what they are experiencing and that it is greater than them.  This is a gift right here, right now.  A gift that few experience.  That wonder, that awe, that is what Reverence is all about.

In the Boy Scouts of America, a Scout is reverent.  Join BSA Troop 759 as we step into places of awesomeness like Old Man’s Cave and the 400 million year old architecture of nature; Lake Erie and the awesomeness of a glacial lake that feeds and serves millions of people; and the peacefulness of Delaware Lake as the mist rolls of the lake in the early morning silence as you paddle through the water.  The awesomeness of life, nature and the experience is truly a moment of thankfulness and the essence of being Reverent.

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