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Aquatics and the Boy Scouts of America

Aquatics in the Boy Scouts of America is as important as Monkey Bread, Gaga Pits and Summer adventures.  Aquaitcs is not just swimming, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, rowing, paddle boarding, water skiing, it’s everything a youth can and do on and around the water.  A Scout promises to be Physically Strong and there is little else in the Boy Scouts of America to do that more so than aquatic adventures.

  • Swimming

    Everything starts with swimming. Scouts learn to swim for several reasons: 1. It;s fun; 2. to stay physically strong;and 3. to learn how to do it safely. There is nothing more fun than a dip in a lake, pool or river with your pals.

  • Canoeing

    Canoeing is a form of Reverence . On a cool morning as the mist rises off of a lake and your paddle plys through the water in silence and the sun rises you get a sense of the magnitude and beauty of natue. That reverence is gratitutde for the things we have and enjoy.

  • Kayaking

    Kayaking, either solo or in tandem, is more of a sport and a challenge. Speed, agility, rapids, currents, working together, pace, power - kayaking is one of the most fun experiences on the water for a Scout.

  • Paddle Boarding

    Paddle boarding is just you and the water and all of nature around you. It is good fitness exercise, it is cathartic and calming and produces a strong sense of balance.

  • Rowing

    Rowing is often thought of for safety in the BSA - a stable water craft that can rescue others without tipping over. But rowing is also a sport for individuals and teams and builds strength in your back, shoulders and legs.

  • Sail Boating

    Sailing on an ocean, lake or pond requires paying attention to your surroundings, the direction of the wind and adjusting the craft to capture energy from nature. It's a perfect match between a master and the water craft.

  • Water Skiing

    Water skiing require strength, a sense of adventure, an ability to swim and a great deal of balance. Whether on a board , skis or a tube, water skiing is one of the most fun things you can do on a lake.

Everyone can swim.  Anyone can swim.  Your Scout will learn to swim.  It’s a lifelong skill, it’s a lifelong exercise and it’s a great reason to be a scout.

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