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How the Growth Mindset Aligns to Scouting

The Growth Mindset is a System of Attitudes that is driven by the Behaviors of Scouting - The Scout Laws.

The Growth Mindset is a system of Attitudes that are commonly found in people who have exceptional performance in their careers and life.  A mindset is a collection of attitudes that people use to view the world and engage with others.  Dr. Carl Dweck first delivered the Growth Mindset with her work at Stanford University studying high performing people.

The Attitudes of the Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset, as outlined by Dr. Dweck, include the following attitudes:

  • Opportunistic – seeking new opportunities to advance and improve
  • Accountable – holding yourself accountable for your words and actions
  • Connected – knowing others personally and professionally to have authentic relationships
  • Inspiring – mastering your skills and performing seamlessly
  • Passionate – deep devotion to your work and service with constant learning and improvement
  • Giving – open and transparent and willingly sharing your time, talent and treasure
  • Grateful – satisfied with your security and safety but not content and looking for more

Attitudes are often driven by our behaviors.  A person does not wake up one morning and say “Today I am going to be Opportunistic.”  But what they do each morning is get up and have a system of actions and behaviors that puts their mind into a position of growth.  Good Behavior drives Growth Attitudes.  Poor Behavior drives Fixed Attitudes. 

So how does the Growth Mindset align to Scouting?

Scouting is driven by two components: the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.  The Scout Oath is a set of standards a Scout applies to himself to ensure that he is able to make ethical and moral decisions throughout his life.  The Scout Law is a system of Behaviors that lead to successful and exceptional performance.  The Scout Laws deliver a Growth Mindset.

Growth Mindset Attitude Scout Law Behavior
Brave - Scouts push themselves to try new things and experiences - the very definition of being Opportunistic
Trustworthy and Obedient - A Scout is Trustworthy, truthful in their words and deeds and Obedient by doing what they say they will do, when they say they will do it to the best of their ability
Loyal and Friendly, a Scout builds real and authentic friendships with Scouts and people in their community through service, camaraderie and sharing
Helpful and Courteous - a Scout builds character that attracts others to him by being Helpful and Courteous at all times creating admiration and good will.
Cheerful and Clean - a Scout maintains a neat and clean appearance, details matter, and is Cheerful about what he is doing and how he does it and delivers excellent results
Thrifty and Kind - A Scout works to pay his own way, he knows the value of his work and freely shares his time, talent and treasure with others
Reverent - A Scout is Reverent to God but also to others who help him to achieve his goals and purpose. Respectful and gracious are hallmarks of his behavior.

Scouting is Fun.  We camp, we hike, we kayak and canoe, we bike, we eat (alot) and we learn as we go.  Our expectations for our youth is to build strong young men with a Growth Mindset that enables them to accomplish and achieve anything they set their mind to.  These skills are drive by the behaviors of the Scout Law.  Today, a Scout may speak them because they are asked to.  Tomorrow, they will realize they have become an indispensable guide to their future success.  We build the leaders of tomorrow in the Boy Scouts of America.  We equip them with the Scout Oath and the Scout Law and deliver a Growth Mindset.

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