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Scouting is About Families

It seems cliche to say the least to say that “Scouting is about families” because everyone is going to say they are about families.  BSA Troop 759 was founded with the sole purpose of serving families in our communities.  

Opportunity comes to those who seek it and those who make it.  Being in a Boy Scout Troop is a commitment of time for both the Scouts and their parents.  Our goal is to get Scouts out of town and into places and adventures they have never known existed.  Ohio has places of pure natural wonder, lakes, rivers, cliffs and gorges, fields and mountains.  We go in search of adventure, master the outdoors and learn people, team and personal skills along the way.

Yes, Eagle Scout is a goal – but it’s not the only goal.  The real value in the BSA is being able to do things with your children you never thought possible.  Like a family of non-swimmers kayaking on a lake.  A Scout is BRAVE and overcoming fears and trepidations comes with a bit of courage and Trust that everything we do has a great deal of planning involved with safety always top of mind.

So a father and his sons together is a thing of beauty.  Two fathers from different places can come together with their sons and create an experience wholly unique and memorable.  The water was warm, a slight chop from a breeze and some of the silt from Summer rains that clean the farms around the park.  But when the Scouts realized that kayaking included races, paddle splashing and exploring coastlines, everything else sort of went away.  Jobs.  Bills.  Whatever bogs you down slips away beneath the lake.

Scouting is about families.  Join our Troop and you will go on adventures you had never thought possible.


June 27, 2021

10:33 am

BSA Troop 759

263 S. Carpenter Street

Columbus, OHIO 43205

m. 614.537.0576


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