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Summer Camp 2021 Is In the Bag

Summer time is one of the best times to be a Scout.  Our summer camp experiences are second to none.  Outside of the BSA High Adventure camps, we have council-owned and operated camps spread across the country.

Our Camp this year was the faithful stalwart, Camp Hugh Taylor Birch in Yellowsprings, Ohio.  Camp Birch is nestled on about 350 acres of land surrounded by farmland on one side and Joghn Bryan State Park on the other.  The old camp is over 100 years old and has places like Carmony Lodge that were log cabins built by Scouts.

Summer Camp is a time to have fun, learn new skills and challenge yourself.  Scouts can engage in up to 10 merit badges at camp and can learn everything from being a good citizen in their community to swimming and kayaking.

Our camp experience is always an adventure and we made it with just 60% of our Toop.  But the Scouts leaned in and picked up almost 20 merit badges and finished ranks to help them advance.

More importantly, they made friends along the way and got to know each other better. BSA Summer Camps bring youth together with similar goals and value systems aligned under the Scout Oath and Scout Law.  There is singing, skits, laughing, flag ceremonies and camaraderie for a full week.

As our country emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, our unit engaged in our annual Mulch Sale and were surprised by the response from our community with more than $13000 in sales and the funding for new equipment, summer camp, t-shirts and membership fees in the bag.

We are grateful for our neighbors who supported us, our families who have helped prepare us and for our friends who are helping educate us.  It was a great week.

Next up, our Scouts will determine where we go next year.  Scouting is Boy Lead – all of the planning and decision making is made in Patrols by the youth.  I cannot wait to see what they want to do next year.

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