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Top 5 Reasons to STOP Buying BSA Popcorn

Supporting the Boy Scouts of America Popcorn Sale is Supporting the Funding of their Sex Abuse Settlement. Give the kids $10 instead.

As the Boy Scouts of America continues to work through Bankruptcy stemming from the largest child sex abuse scandal in US History, the organization will soon be “selling corn” again.

Here are 5 Reasons why you should STOP BUYING BSA POPCORN:

  1. Most of the Products are Unhealthy – the contain a large amount of sodium, a huge amount of sugar and what is normally a great snack, is sugared up and salted up for production
  2. 70% of Sales go to Local Scouting – this is FALSE.  It’s the BSA slight of hand.  33% of popcorn funds go to the manufacturer, 33% goes to the local council, and 29% goes to the local unit (the units cover the card processing fees).  Once those funds go to the unit, 10-30% of that may go into a Unit fund to manage operating expenses.  So the Scout may net 15% of the overall proceeds in a Scout Account.  This varies widely depending on the unit.  90% of the funds the Local Council gets goes to pay salaries for executives that really have little to do with the program other than selling more scout units and urging units to sign up more kids.
  3. You are funding the BSA Child Sex Abuse Scandal Settlement A portion of your dollars buying popcorn goes to the local council and they will use it to poorly compensate children who were sexually assaulted or raped when they were in the Boy Scouts of America.  The local council in Columbus owes nearly $3MM.  There are 4800 Scouts in Central Ohio.
  4. Give Johnny $10 – a $30 tin nets less than $10 to the unit – save yourself money and just give Johnny $10.  They keep 100% of donations, you avoid nasty popcorn, and not funding directly the abuse scandal.
  5. Scouts need the direct funds – The fees for the Boy Scouts of America membership have risen over 600% in the last few years and will continue to rise as the BSA tries to pay off the $2.7 billion in the settlement.  The BSA is using lobbyists to change federal bankruptcy laws so they cannot be sued again if claimants did not file.  They are also seeking to protect Charter organizations from lawsuits even though the Charter Organizations did not file bankruptcy which is illegal in the United States.  As the BSA keeps telling people “Scouting is about families” right now, Scouting is just about surviving.

So if you see Scouts fundraising or their parents are int he office asking you to buy, remember you are donating to a charity and it would be better for youth to donate to them than to the BSA and pay for a sex abuse scandal these Scouts had ZERO to do with.  The higher BSA fees are forcing kids, children, to pay for the mistakes the BSA has made in the past and continue to make today.  The first Scout Law is “A Scout is Trustworthy” and the BSA has been breaking that law for more than 70 years and 82,000 children paid the price.

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