A Scout is Helpful... Helping a Neighbor In Need

Overgrown Vines = No Match for Scouts

Our neighbor had a substantial amount of overgrown vines, weeds and other items in her front and back yards.  The uneven ground and vines posed a danger for her walking around the property.  We volunteered to clear the area to make a safe for her to walk the grounds and to continue to use the property.

  • Removal of a massive honeysuckle growth with a deep root system
  • Removal of pine branches that overgrew a water feature and the yard
  • Removal of old materials previously cut down but not disposed of
  • Removal of vines and weeds from the front yard down to the dirt for reseeding of clover grass
  • Restoration of garden beds and a pathway
  • Mulching beds and moving thistles.

The project took about 7 days with 2-3 hour days and 4 Scouts who cleared and bagged the debris and bundled the wood for removal.

Do You Know A Neighbor In Need?

BSA Troop 759 Takes on several service projects a year. Minor yard repairs, home repairs, clear cutting, picking up groceries or help planting gardens and shrubs.

BSA Troop 759

263 S. Carpenter Street

Columbus, OHIO 43205

m. 614.537.0576

e. info@bsatroop759.com

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