Discrimination is Ingrained in the Boy Scouts of America


While most people look at discrimination as racial or ethnic discrimination, the Boy Scouts of Amercia discriminate programatically and accept discrimnination from their Charter Members.  The BSA even devised a program called Scout Reach targeted to inner coyote youth who are “at risk” that create a “separate but equal” Cub Scout experience.

Charter Organizations are Permitted to Exclude and Discriminate

One of the driving factors of the decline of the Boy Scouts of America is an attempt to be more inclusive.  And in the clumsy way it was handled, the BSA openly called for LGBTQ youth and eventually LGBTQ adults to serve as members and volunteers.  But, they allowed Charter Organizations to not include them if their membership and presence violated their moral, ethical and religious beliefs.

So gays are separate, but equal in the Boy Scouts of America

And we know that bullying in this organization is carried out programmatically.  Adult volunteers use the advancement process to prevent undesirable youth from advancing by denying them conference and meetings required to advance.  We observe gay Scouts being pushed out and bullied by other youth and adult leaders.  We observed girls, new to Scouting, being bullied and pushed out and losing their Eagle Scout.  One Scout leader did not like Catholics, and they were based at a Catholic church.  Virtually all of the youth were non Catholic.  One Scout leader did not think children with Autism should participate so he would deny accessibility or make exclusions to help the Scout move forward, hoping he would get frustrated and quit.  And he did.

And the Church of Latter Day Saints exited the Boy Scouts of America when they announced girls could join troops.  They and the Catholic Church in some areas, forbid their organizations from offering the Scouting program to girls.  Why?  Because they recruit pastors and elders from the Boy Scouts of America and girls are not permitted in those roles.

If the organizations could discriminate, the Boy Scouts of America allowed and encouraged them to follow their beliefs.

In the end, did the BSA build the program for youth?  Or for Chartering Organizations?

Scout Reach – Separate But Equal in the Boy Scouts of America

In 2018, the Boy Scouts of America, in an effort to shore up plummeting membership, created a program called Scout Reach.  The program was designed to serve “at risk” youth with the Cub Scout program so kids could participate where units were not able to be formed.  

  1. They never asked WHY the units were never formed.
  2. They installed the program in…. Classrooms.  At schools.  With teachers.

I would like to think that Scout Reach is a program with good intentions, but considering the lack of Truthfulness in the organization, the lack of transparency and the urgent need to turn around lagging membership, the program appeared to be cynical in nature.  Here’s why:

  1. The program was conducted 100% in classrooms.  All of Scouting is about adventuring in the outdoors, it is based in conservation.  The “Cub Scouts” never left the rooms.
  2. The “Cub Scouts” got no handbooks.
  3. The “Cub Scouts” got no uniforms.
  4. The “Cub Scouts” got no t-shirts.
  5. The “Cub Scouts” did no hiking
  6. The “Cub Scouts” skipped 60% of requirements to be outdoors
  7. The “Cub Scouts” advanced for being there.
  8. The “Cub Scouts” paid a $24 member fee that was matched by United Way donations.
  9. The “Cub Scouts” did crafts using school supplies.
  10. The “Cub Scouts” were led by an older person who was dressed up as a Cub Master and most of their daily activity was reciting the Scout Oath and Law.
  11. No camping.
  12. No hiking.
  13. No Smores.
  14. No cooking.
  15. No swimming.

For those who have been around Scouting for a long time, THAT is not Cub Scouts.  That is separate but equal and a dumb downed program designed to bolster youth members to make the council look good.

And one year after installing it in the schools, the Boy Scouts of America suddenly discontinued the program (read: Ran out of Money) and cancelled all of the youth memberships.  They did not refer ANY of the youth to other Cub Scout Packs.  And in that year, the BSA introduced a $25 enrollment fee, for all new Scouts.  And because the BSA cancelled the youth memberships, they would all have to pay the new member fee because their membership lapsed.  Except it did not lapse.  The BSA cancelled it.   And told the kids, “You have to pay to play.”

Separate and not even equal.  85% of the youth in Scout Reach were children of color.

In 2017, when we approached a local school about a Cub Scout Pack, a mother told me “We don’t do Boy Scouts, they don’t like black people.”  And the BSA, through Scout Reach, hammered that point home again.  We talked with several of the parents who had children in the program, and to a person, they said, they would never expose their kids to the BSA again, because it hurt them when they took the program away and they did not know why it was gone.

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